An escape room is a live interactive game which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a memorable experience with your friends. You will find yourselves locked into a themed room for 60 mins. To escape you must solve a series of clues and puzzles before the time runs out.

We have paid extra attention to ensure that the clues, hints and puzzles are in line with each theme. Before you start the game, one of our friendly Exit Strategy hosts will brief you on your story and set the scene to get you going. To maximise the experience we have also integrated sound effects into our rooms.

Each game varies, but in order to succeed the room will test your problem solving skills. There will be logic puzzles, observational tasks, and occassionally physical challenge. No prior knowledge will be required. Can you plan your Exit Strategy.

The games are suitable for anyone. Groups of friends, students, work colleagues or family. Children can play too, but we'd recommend secondary age (some of the puzzles can be quite tricky) if they are playing unaccompanied. Games are also great for team building events and we can arrange competitions between groups. We also accommodate birthday parties, stag and hen parties, in fact any group can be accommodated.

Our games generally have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 8. However our Prison break requires a minimum of three people and is limited to a maximum of six.

There is no dress code, however wear comfortable clothing. You will be able to leave your coats and belongings in reception whilst you play.

All our rooms are a decent size, you're unlikely to be claustrophobic. There's always a way out at any time should you need it. All our rooms are monitored via CCTV by your Exit Strategy host for the duration of your game.

Your Exit Strategy host will come and liberate you, perhaps you will be more successful next time.

The prize is the gratification that you've beaten the room! We'll take a group photo for you to show off! and you'll get the opportunity to purchase one of our exclusive Exit Strategy "I've escaped" T shirts or mugs. These are only available to our successful escapees. We run a leader board both onsite and on our website. If your team make the grade your successful escape time will be published for your friends to see.

Each game gets a limited number of hints and clues to make sure you enjoy your experience.

All rooms have emergency exit buttons, so you can get out at any time if you feel the need. You'll also be watched through CCTV by our staff to ensure your safety at all times.

Please ensure all your group arrive 15 minutes before your booked time slot to allow time for your Exit Strategy briefing before the game starts. If you arrive late we can't guarantee your slot will be available, and you may have less than the full hour to escape. If you want to arrive a few minutes earlier our comfortable and welcoming reception area has tea and coffee available.

Yes. However, the maximum limit of 8 players per team still applies. The price difference can be paid upon arrival. Please call as soon as possible if you have extra players.